The Playoff Hunt Continues for the Danger

With the bye week in the rearview, the Nebraska Danger is now looking to keep their playoff hopes alive. Nebraska will be taking their talents to the sunshine state, in search of a much-needed victory. The San Diego Strike Force will not make it easy on the Danger come June 6th, as they are looking to end the Danger’s playoff hopes.

The last time the Danger was seen in action, they suffered a tough loss to the Quad City Steemwheelers. The Nebraska Danger were able to keep the game close to the end. With the game on the line, Danger placekicker Diego Marquez hit a game-tying field goal to send the game to overtime. When the dust settled, the Steemwheelers came out victorious.

Nebraska's new signee and future IFL hall of famer, Mike Tatum, is looking to take the workload off of Nebraska’s star-studded backfield. Tatum’s presence on the field will draw lots of attention from opposing defenses and will serve as a key weapon to an already lethal offense.

With the playoffs looming in the near future, Nebraska’s defense will need to be almost perfect to secure a spot in the IFL Playoffs. However, the Danger D will see their most talented pass rusher, Chris Martin, back on the field against the Strike Force. Martin has wreaked havoc on opposing offenses all season, racking up 8 sacks in the process. The IFL sack leader will be the spark the Danger D have been looking for.

With the season winding down, this is a cannot miss game. Be sure to check out the IFL YouTube live stream if you are unable to attend the game. The Nebraska Danger vs. San Diego Strike Force game will kick off on June 6th at 9:05 CDT.

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