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2015 Nebraska Danger Commercial Danger vs Cavalry Danger vs Revolution Danger vs Revolution Danger vs Revolution Danger vs Axemen
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Cedar Rapids Titans 2/27
@Green Bay Blizzard 3/6
Minnesota Havok 3/12
Wichita Falls Nighthawks 3/25
Billings Wolves 4/2
@Iowa Barnstormers 4/9
@Cedar Rapids Titans 4/16
Sioux Falls Storm 4/23
Green Bay Blizzard 4/29
@Wichita Falls Nighthawks 5/6
@Sioux Falls Storm 5/21
Wichita Falls Nighthawks 5/27
@Minnesota Havok 6/4
Spokane Spokane 6/10
@Colorado Crush 6/18
@Tri-Cities Fever 6/25
Nebraska Danger 0 0
Wichita Falls Nighthawks 0 0
Colorado Crush 0 0
Spokane Spokane 0 0
Billings Wolves 0 0
Tri-Cities Fever 0 0
Iowa Barnstormers 0 0
Sioux Falls Storm 0 0
Minnesota Havok 0 0
Green Bay Blizzard 0 0
Minnesota Axemen 0 0
Cedar Rapids Titans 0 0
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